The art of BDSM Tantra

Experiment the intense voluptuousness of my highly developed BDSM Tantra session, combining the exquisite Tantric Massage with the equally exquisite sensual BDSM and Domination where esoteric collides with the sexual pleasure and carnality is infused with erotic pain.

Discover my world of erotic encounters

Choose one of my extraordinary, sexually inspired experiences that will lead you to an incredible explosive finish. 

Approach the secret door to my luxury studio of fantasy rooms in central Milano and walk down the wide, candle lit stairs to meet me in my extraordinary studio where a choice of three immaculately equipped sexual fantasy rooms await your indulgence.


What to expect

I uniquely combine sensual levels of erotic pain with sustained periods of sublime pleasure to elevate you to the highest point of ecstasy.

Whilst I don’t list my techniques, please be assured, almost everything you imagined is possible and much more, although there will be no sex – so please don’t ask!

Now, choose one of my erotic experiences..

I enjoy customising each experience to suit to your desired level of sensuality, pain and time..

IMG_8144The sadistic Female scientist practices her intrusive experiments

The female Doctor asked me to strip bare and lay down on the couch. It’s my first visit to this specialist; according to her CV she should be very competent. I hope she’ll be able to solve my problem.

She starts her examination by asking me some questions about how I feel. Although she looks incredibly attractive and professional in her immaculate white gown, there’s something oddly alarming in the way she touches and inspect me.

I’m totally terrified! On the pretext of needing me to lie still the Doctor tied up my arms and legs. She is inserting a long rubber catheter in my penis and preparing a lot of small bottles and horrible surgical instruments!! She’s explaining me She needs guinea pigs to experiment new vivisection techniques!!

My first experience
Sensual BDSM

I had dreamt of this moment with the Mistress for so long and now I was down on my knees, shaking with anxiety. I was already wearing my perfect french maid outfit and thought I looked total awkward and ridiculous.

The written instructions were to fully dust the furniture otherwise I’d go through a bad moment! I tried to do the best I could but now wasn’t so confident anymore.  The Mistress was meticulously inspecting every detail and certainly counting my thoughtless mistakes.

Later, I found my full body tied to a leather bench that didn’t allow any kind of movement. The Mistress stood in front of me looking gorgeous in Her crimson lingerie. She slipped on Her long satin gloves holding an unusual vibrating tool and began to brush it against my clamps. The pleasure was becoming unbearable and more than I could ever have imagined…

vgf335 copiaThe mistress discovers I have been spying on her

As I arrived in the Mistresses studio, a beautifully presented black box awaited me with my instructions. I untied the crimson red ribbon, opened the box and read the personalised card preparing for the scene ahead where I had been caught spying on the sensation shape of the Mistresses sublime body as she was undressing. 

The Mistress entered sensationally wearing a full length black fur coat.

 “how dare you secretly watch me while I undress – stand in front of my dressing table mirror and prepare yourself for a severe punishment…”

 With me standing in front of the glamorous Mistress, she slowly opened the silky fur coat to reveal her stunning naked body – wearing only a whip tied around her perfect waist just inches from me. I shuddered in fright, delight and expectation of what lay ahead…

My car broke down along a dark, remote country lane…
Handcuffing, imprisonment, exposure, torture, sensual relief

Mistress Lucrezia perfectly set the scene for me. My car broke down in a remote area miles from anywhere. I walked to the only nearby house, up a long drive and knocked on the door that was answered by the owner, a beautiful girl that I had surprised with my presence.

I quickly introduced myself and explained why I was there and that my phone had no signal in this remote area. “So, you are alone and no one knows you are here, come in and lets see what I can do for you” suggested the gorgeous girl.

As walked in, she guided me by my hand and to my surprise she snapped on a pair of concealed handcuffs over my wrists now locked securely behind my back.  “Perfect” she said, “a prisoner that I can entertain me for the whole night…”.

Pedicuring the Mistresses beautiful toe nails
Foot fetish

I entered the Mistresses bedroom where she was waited for me. Elegantly standing on the deep red carpet facing the candle lit mirror, wearing the extremely high-heeled black leather shoes and very short leather dress. The pedicure file was perfectly positioned on the red carpet, ready for me to file and polish the Mistresses bright crimson varnished toenails and after I had been instructed to massage her perfectly formed feet. 

I knelt in front of the mistress who then sat down with her delicious, elegant, bare legs crossed seductively in front of me.

After delicately filing and polishing each of the mistresses toe nails, I became increasingly aroused from the scent of her gorgeous feet and started the divine pleasure of gently massage with my fingers “Not with your hand idiot, with your tongue and don’t miss anything until I tell you to stop” Commanded the Mistress strictly…

vgf228 copia 2Learning a new language

This afternoon I’ll have an oral French test. I found in the black box the sheet with the sentences to translate. The Professor is wearing a strict grey suit, black framed glasses and Her long hair is tied tightly.  She sits in front of me, dangerously waving a small cane. 

I desperately try to focus my attention on what She’s asking me, but my mind is continually distracted by the impatient tapping  of Her delightful stocking clad feet and gleaming black high heel shoes.

I didn’t pass my exam, so until I correct my pronunciation, She’ll inflict an exemplary punishment on me. Bending over the writing desk, my trousers dropped to my ankles, I covertly peep at Her sadistic expression while striking me…

The university student is strictly taught not to waste money on girls and drinking
Paddle & spanking

The Mistress was sat on a comfortable armchair, crossing  her beautiful long legs. She was wearing a black sheath dress and looked very upset while checking my credit card statement.

Perfectly lined up on a red velvet cloth, I counted six paddles made of different shapes and materials. She ordered me to put on the blindfold I found on the dressing table and choose one of formidable looking paddles.

Fortunately, after being sensually spanked all over my bottom, I begged the Mistress to accept my apology, which she granted and rewarded with the most divine attention to the intimate parts of my body, eventually finishing with an incredibly intense explosion…

The Ghost Mistress
Trick & Treat

I stepped inside the door and instantly became wrapped in darkness, finding myself on the top of a candle lit staircase. I started slowly to go down the steps while a sensation of cold and fear embraced me. A dead silence reigned in the house.

The candle lined path led me to the front door that stood slightly ajar. I opened it nervously and walked inside… the four poster bedroom was dimly lit by just one small candle. I could just see a mirror standing on a red carpet which attracted my attention.

I can’t guess how long I remained looking at my reflected image…Little by little I sensed a presence behind me and realised She was there!…Her amazing naked white body covered by a black veil…

A sensual whipping finished with a breathtaking face sitting
Face sitting

I’m crucified in the middle of a red brick room lit up by a feeble lantern; I smell the voluptuous incense of scent while hypnotic music makes me lose the notion of time; my sore body has been rubbed softly with an expensive oil.

A temptress Mistress, in a black shiny latex mermaid dress, is observing the visible effects of Her cat-o’-nine-tails strokes, evidently self-satisfied.

I lie down on the red carpet with my arms and legs immobilised.

Now I know I’ll have my treat: the Mistress is dominating me and sits on my face with Her imperial bottom.

More of my unique experiences…

The strikingly attractive Russian interrogation officer uses her own persuasive methods…
Ball busting, nipple torture, caging

An electrifying experience that touched every sense in my body
Electric Play

Sensual whipping finished with an erotic golden shower

Surprise kidnapping by a Female serial killer, torturing and dramatic gun point death.

Your partner is disgusted by your tiny penis, She now demands you watch her and stimulate her new  lover.

The stunning new nurse intimately stimulates and exquisitely satisfies me
Prostatic massage

Arriving 8 minutes late for the Mistress

Overcoming my fear of public speaking – with the cane!

Caught steeling in the Mistress’s shop

Erotic perversion
Naked, vulnerable and exposed with a chastity belt…


Foot fetish and Worshipping
Lick my perfect sized feet, suck the long toes and massage such a soft skin…


My voluptuous Pumps
Black, shiny, so vertiginous…Stiletto heels adore penetrating you body…They require tireless and supremely loving care…They will bring unspeakable torments and incomparable dissoluteness…

Enter my Boudoir…Mood lighting, mirrors…Makeup spread on the elegant vanity table…Sophisticated lingerie, high heels shoes, wigs…You can finally dare!…


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